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            2. 簡體中文   |   ENGLISH
              PRODUCTS | GOWN

              Ammi Level 3 En13795 Reinforced Disposable Sterile SMS Surgical Gown

              Our Advantage:

              1, Competitive Price:  Direct factory price.

              2, OEM:  customized according to customer requirements

              3, Samples are available

              4, Ensure the products quality,We have 100,000 class clean room and EO sterile room,Welcome to visit our factory.

              5, EN14126、CE、ISO13485 Approved.


              Product Description



              Packaging & Shipping  

              Packaging detail:10 pcs/bag as customer request.
              Delivery: 3-7days after confirm.

              Why Choose Us?

              1. Reasonable and competitive prices, the successful occupation of your market .

              2.Variety of packaging: shrink package, kidney and dialysis, and paper-plastic bag.

              3.Item:We can make different item on the kidney and dialysis and procedure set as your request.

              4. We have CE, ISO13485:2016,ISO14001 and GMP.

              5. Exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and America .

              6. Passional, professional, prudential after service, the first time to help you solve various problems.

              7. With EO sterilization, the effect can be assured very well for a long time.

              8. Diversified products to meet different customer's needs. New products are constantly recommended to develop customer's potential market.

              9. We have 100,000 class clean room and EO sterile room


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              HOME   |    CONTACT US      
              Add:No.366,Pengjialing,Yongfeng Street,Hanyang District,Wuhan,China
              Tel:0086(027)59338532   Fax:0086(027)59338525
              Email:sophie@www.gzoblgs.com;  yolanda@www.gzoblgs.com


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