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            2. 簡體中文   |   ENGLISH

              In terms of quality control , Dansu-china has established a comprehensive quality assurance system and has been certified by CE, ISO13485:2016, ISO14001 and GMP. 

                 Dansu-China has advanced laboratory equipment and a complete set of test equipment . All of our inspectors have obtained qualification certificates issued by national organization.  In the whole production process, we implement self inspection and mutual inspection , special inspection and sampling inspection, together with patrolling inspection .Finished  products are sterilized by ETO before delivery. Customers’ satisfaction ,safe and sound products of high quality are what we keep focusing on.

              HOME   |    CONTACT US      
              Add:No.366,Pengjialing,Yongfeng Street,Hanyang District,Wuhan,China
              Tel:0086(027)59338532   Fax:0086(027)59338525
              Email:sophie@www.gzoblgs.com;  yolanda@www.gzoblgs.com


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